Our  law firm offers Estate Planning and related services,  to all kinds of people of all backgrounds. 
Estate Planning is about love, caring and preparedness, and less about the value of the assets you own.
If control over your estate is important to you to you and your loved ones, you need to consider your   options in consultation with a qualified specialist attorney.
You might say that we are translatorsWe learn about your history, your hopes, dreams and concerns, and translate them into understandable legal instruments that reflect your personal and business values and attitudes,  and the uniqueness of your family,  loved ones, business goals and charity favorites.
In addition to helping many clients plan for disability or death,  other clients appreciate our counsel and support with estate administration probate management,  fiduciary counseling, and the countless unique situations that deserve special attention.  And we  work with  families of all types:  traditional, step-families,  blended,  and modern. 
We believe we do do our finest work in longer-term client relatioships,  which often endure for years. If you find that we are a good  "fit"  for you,  we hope to be on your team well into the future!
Your "estate"  is  your  stuff!

"It isn't the size of your wallet,
but the size of your heart,
that makes estate planning
a modern necessity."  


Asset protection planning
Business protection
Disabiity and illness
Elder care
Estate administration
Estate planning
Fiduciary guidance
Charitable gifting
Multi-generation plans
Retirement planning
Special needs